Monday, 16 July 2007

Casey Diem

We have adopted the poet Valerie Laws explanation of Casey Diem as our own being our initials KC and DM which is a far cleverer thing than how we came by the name.
We hope you enjoy the new blogspot and watch out for further BEE postcards in the near future.
best wishes

Casey Diem
Deborah Murray is a writer, actor and poet. Her poems have appeared in a variety of magazines, her screen credits include, 'The Debt Collector' (Billy Connolly). She co edits BEE postcards and magazine. She likes Rats and handbags.
A relocation to Edinburgh and a reinstated blogspot You can view this here at:-

Casey Diem

Kevin Cadwallender's books include 'Public' (Iron Press), 'Baz Uber Alles ' (Dogeater Press), Rewiring Houdini (Bee Press). His forthcoming collection 'Colouring in Guernica' is being published in September by Red Squirrel press with a sElected Poems in 2008 from Smokestack Books.
He is editor of SAND, Co -producer of PRUFROCKS and co-editor of BEE postcards and magazine.


Welcome to the new BEE blog. Finally reinstated.
News soon!